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Post-Renovation Cleaning Services in Singapore


It doesn’t matter if the renovation job takes months or just a few weeks, you will surely look forward to it to finally come to an end. The sad news is that just because the workers already left don’t mean that you can enjoy your newly renovated space just yet.


Post Renovation Cleaning Singapore


People are often surprised to learn that it is not the job of the contractor to clean up after the debris and dirt that they left behind once the renovation is finished. The standard in the industry is to leave a renovated area broom-swept.  It means that the contractor will just lightly dust or wipe down the surfaces and vacuum the bigger debris. But, it will be your job to create that fresh and magazine-ready renovation look.

Just so you know, post-renovation cleaning is different from regular home cleaning and this is very important for the overall wellbeing and health of your home and your whole family. Renovations can create huge amounts of dust and dirt that can coat all surfaces and get into all nooks and corners.

This job isn’t a simple one and hiring post-renovation cleaning services Singapore is highly recommended for the convenience and ease they offer. They know what should be done and they have the right equipment needed to complete the job properly.

Below are some of the primary tasks that are included in post-renovation cleaning services:




Handling and getting rid of renovation dust is among the main and probably most crucial aspects of post-renovation cleaning.

It is not a secret how renovations lead to large amounts of fine dust that could pose harm when breathed in and might even damage your belongings and your house as a whole. Post-renovation cleaners will wipe down all surfaces, clean inside drawers, shelves, and storage units and clean exposed furniture or linens.




Floors must be cleaned to get rid of footprints, dust, and dirt. If you are using carpets, cleaning after a renovation job is even more important.


Air Filters and Vents


Airborne dust that can trigger sensitivities, allergies as well as other health issues could get transported through the air ducts to other parts of your house. Post-renovation cleaning services Singapore can clean and remove air vents and change the exposed filters.




Your windows can attract grime, dust, and dirt that can build up and affect the overall quality of light in your home and possibly damage the windows themselves. It is also important to thoroughly clean the window frames and panes.

The biggest advantages of hiring professional post-renovation cleaning service Singapore are that they are familiar with all the tasks that must be done following a renovation job. They also have the tools and experience required to do the task well.

Meticulous post-renovation cleaning is extremely essential to guarantee a healthy and safe home. This is also critical to keep your home protected from damages that can happen if you allow debris and dirt to remain in your home.


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