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Mattress Cleaning Singapore


Since your mattress is nicely covered all the time, looking clean and spotless, it is common to assume that your mattress is clean and doesn’t need any cleaning.


Mattress Cleaning Singapore


Although your mattress may look cozy and plushy covered with clean bed sheets changed on a regular basis, it is never enough to just keep your mattress clean and spotless for sleeping.

In spite of your practice of regularly changing your bed sheets or covering your mattress with anti-dust mite cover, you might be surprised once you discover that there is actually a large volume of dust, dirt particles, dried fluid residue, dead skin flakes, and millions of dust mites as well as other microorganisms that thrive well in the mattress.

The truth is that your mattress contains the largest amount of house dust mites and dirt particles compared to other parts of your home. Now, this discovery is far from being pleasant, right?

So, what are the exact reasons why you need professional mattress cleaning Singapore?


Maintain Healthy Quality of Indoor Air in the Bedroom


You spend 8 hours per day on an average sleeping on your bed that is equivalent to 1/3 of your lifetime. This is why it is extremely important for your bedroom to have a good quality of indoor air.

Every time you turn on your bed while you are sleeping, the fine dust particles present in the mattress get bellowed out to the air that you breathe in without you realizing it.

Studies have blamed the poor quality of indoor air to be the cause of different health concerns from something as simple as throat and eye irritation to more serious ones like respiratory diseases.

These can cause common symptoms such as watery eyes, sneezing, fatigue, upper respiratory congestion, and more.


Good Hygiene in the Bedroom Gives You Complete Peace of Mind While You Sleep


Sleeping on a hygienic and clean mattress gives you complete peace of mind as you sleep at night, especially after you know that you have been sleeping all this time on a mattress filled with loads of dust particles and dead skin flakes together with all those house dust mites that crawl in your mattress each night.

Better quality of sleep is essential for you to start your day right. Studies have even revealed that quality sleep is essential to help improve your overall physical health as well as your emotional wellness that is crucial for your overall well being.


Recommended Practice to Prevent and Manage Allergies


Dust mites together with their excrements are among the most common triggers to different allergies such as eczema, rhinitis, and asthma.

Since house dust mites are primarily present in the mattress, it is a must to ensure that house dust mites and dust are completely removed from the mattress to ensure that their presence is kept at the lowest.

Experts strongly suggest to their allergy patients to keep their mattress clean on a regular basis since it is very common for allergy sufferers to experience their worse attacks during nighttime while they sleep since their bodies react to the house dust mites and dust present in the mattress.


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