How To Clean Glass Windows in Singapore?

How To Effectively Clean Glass Windows At Home in Singapore?
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How to Clean Glass Windows


Glass windows can be very pretty to look at, that is, until they turn grimy and dusty. If you want your home to look its best no matter the time of the year, these tips on how to clean glass windows should be followed.


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Ensure Your Safety First


You should never compromise your safety just to clean your glass windows. With lots of hard work and some effort, it will be possible to make the windows safer to appreciate and clean. Since accidents can always happen if a glass window breaks, have a piece of bread handy to pick up small shards and dab around the broken glass. You can also add traction to ladder steps using anti-slip tape.


Dust Them


Keeping the sills and blinds free from dust is the best step to promote clearer glass windows in between cleans. While it can be time-consuming and annoying, the effort will be more than worth it down the road. You can use compressed air such as a keyboard cleaner to access hard to reach areas. You can also attach your cleaning cloths to kitchen tongs so you can thoroughly clean both sides of the blinds.


Use a Window Cleaning Solution


The right combination of natural or chemical cleaners can give you better results compared to store-bought products. Using these solutions and some effort, your windows will be cleaner.

Vinegar is the perfect natural all-rounder. This is completely antibacterial and nontoxic and can get rid of the grime and film build up on windows. You can just mix one part warm water with one part vinegar.

Another solid addition is dishwashing liquid for heavier duty cleaning. This can cut through the toughest spots and marks.

If there is no vinegar, black tea rich in tannic acid is an excellent substitute. Just brew one large pot and allow it to cool before working on your glass windows.


Put Newspaper to Good Use


Yes, newspaper can help you clean your glass windows and make them free from smudges once again. When using newspaper, wear your gloves so that ink won’t be transferred to your hands.


Have Fun with Squeegees


Squeegees are satisfying and fun to use. These are used at petrol stations for cleaning windscreens and can also be used for cleaning your glass windows. When used correctly, squeegees are great addition to your glass window cleaning kit. Squeegees use the thin rubber side for removing water that leads to less smudging and streaking. Don’t forget to wipe down the squeegee with a piece of newspaper or dry towel to get the best results.


Clean with Eraser


Blackboard erasers and dusters can also be used as finishing touches when cleaning your glass windows. They are great when it comes to removing smudges, streaks and dust once your cleaning process is done. Dust off the erasers then keep them clean once you are finished.


Don’t worry if cleaning glass windows isn’t your cup of tea. Contact us, the cleaning specialist in Singapore, and let us do the cleaning for you!


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