How To Clean Carpet in Singapore?

How To Effectively Clean Carpet At Home in Singapore?
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How to Clean Carpet in Singapore?


Carpets are the flooring of choice in homes as they provide comfort, versatility, and warmth for years. Thanks to the selection of colors, textures, and styles for you to choose from, you won’t be hard-pressed to find the right kind of carpet that will be an exact match for the specifications of your home.

One of the best benefits of using carpets for your floors is that they provide a cushioned space where children can play without facing the risks of falling and getting injured on the hard floor.


How to clean carpet


However, while carpets can be versatile and functional, there is still one serious issue about them and that is none other than their maintenance. From drinks accidentally spilled on the carpet to dirt that has accumulated on the carpet fibers through the years, there are so many ways for carpets to get stained. This is why knowing how to clean carpet is a must so that you can preserve your carpets and enjoy their use for the many years to come.


How to Clean Carpet on Your Own


The very first thing you should remember when removing the stains on your carpet is if the soil is dry or wet. For instance, if you spilled a liquid like soda or milk, you need to clean the spill right away.  Other types of odorous liquids like pet urine could get trapped in carpet fibers if you let them sit for a long time. Carpets resistant to stains can only go as much for stains that already settled in.

Dry soil is usually the result of foot traffic, allergens, and dust that get lodged in carpet fibers. The hypoallergenic carpets could help lower the rate of accumulation of dry soil. However, cleaning your carpet remains to be the best way to ensure that they stay fresh with no traces of residue. Vacuuming on a frequent basis also helps lift dirt and stop it from settling in the carpet.


Best Way to Clean Your Carpets


Vacuums that feature rotating brush attachments provide the highest form of cleaning while vacuuming on a regular basis can remove as much as 80% of carpet soil that can cause stains. Liquid cleaners can work their magic on set-in and tough stains.

There are several varieties of liquid cleaners that can breakdown the enzymes present in urine and other types of odorous stains. They can lift the stains and remove the odors from the carpets. You can make the most out of your carpet cleaner by following a regular routine for cleaning.

Make sure you vacuum then apply the cleaners to areas with high traffic because these are also the places where soil and stains can build up the fastest.


How to Maintain the Cleanliness of Your Carpets


When looking for the best carpet cleaners, see to it that you check for formulations compatible with the specific type of your carpet. There are materials that are more resilient compared to others and some formulations can cause problems with specially treated or sealed carpet. Take your time to choose the correct products and set a regular routine for cleaning so you can extend the vibrancy and life of your carpet.


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