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TauKarChew is a Dialect Translation of Hokkien meaning “Get Help”. Our Vision is to be the market leader in Singapore in offering Quality Home & Office Improvement Services such as Cleaning Services and others. 


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Our Mission is to delight our customers with quality, reliable & responsible services to their home or Office Improvements.

TauKarChew was established to focus & Deliver Home Improvement Services, primarily Home/Office Cleaning Services and Other Household Services that will be added soon to drive improvements to Homes and Offices.

Now more than ever, people choose to hire a professional cleaning company in Singapore to help them handle their daily cleaning chores.

They do it because they just don’t have time to do the cleaning themselves because of their hectic family or work schedules. Add to this the fact that cleaning companies are currently offering their services at more affordable, making them more accessible even for average consumers.

If you are wondering why you should hire a cleaning company Singapore, check out the following reasons why this is a wise option:


High-Quality Cleaning


By hiring a professional cleaning company Singapore, the first thing you will discover is that they follow extremely high cleaning standards.

These experts follow a structured manner when cleaning the property, usually with a checklist to ensure that all stones are turned during the process of cleaning.


Specialist Tools and Equipment


Many homes, business owners, and commercial space owners just don’t have the best types of cleaning equipment and tools, nor are they willing to purchase them. Most of the time, these tools and equipment can help save time and offer better work standards.

On the other hand, a professional cleaning company Singapore will use only the highest quality of tools for every cleaning job in any space. This way, they will give you the assurance that your property will be transformed to its tiptop condition in the fastest time possible.


Cleaning Done According to Your Schedule


Among the things, you will surely appreciate working with a cleaning company Singapore is that they are usually very flexible. It means that they can fit their cleaning around your own schedule.


Take Advantage of Cleaning Tricks


Even though you might fancy yourself to be a good DIY cleaner, there is simply no alternative for experience.

There are times when the use of the wrong cleaning fluids on specific surfaces, for instance, you might end doing more harm than good.


Enjoy More Free Time


With your hectic family schedule and your long list of commitments at work, the last thing you probably want is to allow your already limited time to cleaning your property.

Hiring a cleaning company to deal with this instead can help free up some of your time while keeping down your stress levels. Letting the experts handle the job on your behalf will help you maintain a much better life and work balance.


Newly Discovered Appreciation


Do you love visiting the local café? Then, you know how the food there tastes so much better if someone prepares your coffee for you. When your house is spotlessly clean all over again, the first thing you want is to ensure that it will stay this way for the longest time possible.

You will also learn to appreciate in a way that you never did before. By letting the professionals do the job, you will learn to look at your property with different eyes.


TauKarChew Singapore Cleaning Services


Here’s our comprehensive list of Cleaning Services that TauKarChew Singapore Offer:



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